Everyone has a list of favorite or useful websites. Here's mine:

Ted Crane’s National Dance Database Grid

   I refer to this grid when I travel anywhere. Cities, states, links, by each week of the month.

The Dance Gypsy
Michael Dyck's Index of Contradances
Russell Owen’s Database of Contradances
Contra Dance Festivals, Weekends, and other Major Events  This is an extensive list.
CyberYankee’s Contracopia  Lots of links.
Square Dance patter
Running Set Figures
An Intriguing History of Contradance

Kiran Wagle's Contradance Page  Some useful stuff.

Setting up the dance floor at Northwest Folklife, 2009  A really fun video.

Lift Ticket  A wonderful band that I've often toured with.
KGB  This is the great band, not the spy agency.

Eugene Folklore Society  My own organization. I do the booking for these dances.
CDSS – Country Dance & Song Society
Northwest Folklife Festival  (Memorial Day Weekend, Seattle)

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