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Here are some videos with my calling and flatfooting. I'm glad that other people know how to use recording equipment — I'm rather busy dancing and calling...

Calling, Glen Echo Ballroom, Maryland, with the "Fabulous Glen Echo Open Band", Sept. 14, 2012 

An 11-minute video. This was the last dance before the break, a triple progression, exciting tunes including some Quebecois reels and foot percussion. 

Calling a square dance with a complex break, Lake City Dance in Seattle, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

4 minutes includes teaching the break and a beautifully edited square dance with great music by Claude Ginsburg, Ryan McKasson, and Dave Bartley. Includes some acappella clogging during the teaching. Doug Plummer shot this video.

Calling a square dance at a contra evening in Eugene, Oregon with "Cascade Crossing", Sept. 24, 2011 

The dance = "Texas Star". A big gym, fine music.

Calling & Clogging with Lift Ticket, Lake City Dance, Seattle, Aug. 13, 2010  

A 3-minute snippet of a great set -- Woody Lane calling with Lift Ticket (Rex Blazer, fiddle; TJ Johnson, mandolin; Russell Shumsky, drums; Jeff Spero, keyboard). Doug Plummer shot this video, close-up, sometimes while laying on the floor at my feet as I clogged.

Acappella Flatfooting routine at NEFFA, April 17, 2011 

I did this short acappella routine near the end my Sunday flatfooting workshop at the 2011 New England Folk Festival in Mansfield MA. A short monologue in percussive sentences. Travis Anderegg shot this video.

Guerilla Contra Dance at Northwest Folklife, May 23, 2009  
Woody Lane calling. The sound guys took an hour break, but we didn’t. I used a megaphone, and lots of folks danced. The dance I called was "Balance to My Lou" by Becky Hill. Doug Plummer shot this video.

New Year’s Camp on Vashon Island, Washington, Jan. 2, 2009  

Talent Show skit “A Conversation in the Park”
Woody Lane (flatfooting, Quebecois feet), Eric Schlorff (Quebecois feet), Joanne Lauterjung (cup & spoon), & Dave Bartley (hambone, face).

Contra at Scouthouse, Concord MA, Thursday, March 26, 2009  
Woody Lane calling. The musicians were Amy Larkin (fiddle), Marko Packard (guitar), Matt Kenney (percussion) and Stuart Kenney (bass).  


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