Workshops are great fun, and I've given dozens at dance weekends, festivals, and other venues. Here are some of the workshop sessions that I have led. These are just brief descriptions — will give you a flavor of each session. If you would like more information about any, just contact me and I'll be happy to send you a detailed description. Also, if you have ideas you want to explore, I can create other fun sessions to fit your community's goals.


Dance Workshops

Magic Moments

Moving to the music, dances that flow, the entire set dancing as one. We’ll concentrate on improving our techniques so we can enjoy these dances even more.


Advanced Contras
Let’s take the brakes off. Incredible dances that are genuinely difficult but are exquisitely worth it once you master them.


The Dreaded End Effects
OMG – what do we do next?!! Nearly all contras have end effects. We’ll learn how to dance through them and help others as well.


Dancing The Whole Line
We’ll work on helping others in gracious and effective ways. And how to deal effectively with unusual situations on the dance floor.


Squares and Odd Formations
Are squares boring? Not these.


How the Music Fits the Dance
What makes a good dance? We’ll concentrate on the how the music and the dances fit together.


1950s Squares

Great western square dances from the 1950s, when square-dancing was the national rage, and enthusiasts were creating fun choreography still based on traditional moves.


Waltz Magic
Heaven on earth in 3/4 time — swirling with your partner under the lights. And how to add easy things like pivots, simple turnouts, and stops.


Clogging, Percussion Workshops

Clogging & Percussive Dance
The classic “basic” step, chugs, flatfooting basics, syncopation, rolls, whatever. And also the Quebecois gallop step (the one you’ve seen fiddlers do at jam sessions).


Rhythms to the Music
How to do percussive dance inside the music, become a valued member of a band or jam session.


Advanced Clogging
The Tennessee walking step, the crunch. Acappella rhythms, rhythm jams. Saying things with your feet.


Callers Workshops

Learn to Call Contras
Get your feet (and voice) wet. This is a practical beginner's session, the nuts-&-bolts of how to call contra dances.


The Skills Behind the Scenes
There is lots more to calling than just giving directions to dancers. You’ll see... This is real caller craft.


Calling Squares – The Basics
Calling squares is different than calling contras. Learn the basics of calling squares so they are fun for everyone.


Teaching the Beginners Session
Okay, you’ve got 20-30 minutes with the newcomers. What are we really trying to accomplish in a beginners session? A lot. Here’s a pattern that works.

Calling Squares for Contra Dancers
This goes to the heart of good calling. How to call squares to delight a hall of contra dancers. What works and what doesn’t work. Common errors to avoid.


Calling Quandaries
Common situations callers face and how to cope with them so everyone has a good time.

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